1.  How do I set up a session? Super Easy!  Call me (586)321-8921, email me: info@marlainajoyphotography.com, or submit your contact info directly on my website.  We will go over all of the details, and set an appointment time that works for you!

2.  How do I see my photos after the session? At your session we will set up an appointment to view your artwork, and place your order.  Why another appointment?  Choosing between all of the images is often the most difficult part of the process.   With me there (in person) to answer questions, help with sizing, and show you examples of how things will look – the process is much easier.  I can come to your home, or we can meet somewhere convenient for you!

3. Where are you located? My home studio is in Oxford, MI.  I have lighting and backdrops to shoot indoors and a beautiful wooded yard for natural outdoor backdrops.  I also shoot on-location, and travel throughout Michigan.  I love finding new, exciting locations, so we can discuss all of the options before your session!

4.  What should I wear? I get asked this question all of the time!  I’m more than happy to go over specific outfit questions before your session.  My general tips are: Wear something that you feel comfortable in, and makes you feel that you look good.  Outfits that are uncomfortable, scratchy, or generally don’t fit well, won’t photograph well.  Mainly  because you will be focused on the scratchy collar and not enjoying yourself.  Confidence and happiness show in a photograph!  I prefer to stick to neutral colors, that compliment each other.  Especially for sessions with more than one person.  Keeping the colors in the same family ( but not exactly the same ) helps keep the people from blending all together.  Avoid busy patterns and stripes – as they pull the focus away from your beautiful faces.  Lastly, avoid logos and graphics on clothing – unless you have a special meaning behind it, and want to capture it as part of the session.  A few shots in your 3- year old’s favorite princess shirt could be your most favorite memory down the road!

5. Do you accept credit cards? Yes! Cash, check or credit cards are perfectly fine. Whatever is easiest for you! Most session fees are due the day of the session. ( Weddings do require a deposit )


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