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The Drake Family – Outdoor Family Session, Oxford, MI

I was lucky enough to meet the Drake family at preschool this year.  Gavin and Jenna were in the same class, and I would see “Miss Monica” at pick up and drop off times.  I noticed from the beginning of the year how put together and fabulous Miss Monica always is ( I barely made it to school on time- let alone having cute outfits, hair and makeup done, but I digress).  As the year went on, we attended more events for the kids, and we got to become friends.  At a splash pad play date with the kids, Monica let me in on a big secret.  She is pregnant!!!! I could not contain my excitement and, I was really over the moon when she asked me to help with a pregnancy announcement photo!  We are both pinterest junkies, so we were on the lookout for good ideas.  Since Gavin loves all things superhero,  it was decided that it was only natural that we included that ( and his super-duper cute self ) into the pregnancy announcement.  And since his daddy (Joe) is a real life hero, retired from the military, it was perfect!  They also had the great idea that superhero Gavin could rescue “princess” Jenna in a photo.  I haven’t seen Jenna more excited in a looooonnng time!  Well, the Drake family totally rocked their session.  Monica, you always look like you could be in a magazine, and Joe and Gavin — are just so dang handsome!  You can easily see how incredibly beautiful they all are, and on top of all that, I don’t think you could meet a nicer family.  I can not wait to take maternity and newborn photos for them soon, and meet the newest addition to the Drake family in February.  Monica, Joe, and Gavin thanks again for letting me be a part of your big news, and for letting me capture your gorgeous family!


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