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Greenmead Historical Park, Livonia MI Wedding – Kaitlyn and Kevin

I love how life takes you down paths, and connects you to people you would never expect to meet – but when you do, you are so glad to have them in your life. Before I had Jenna I worked in Cardiology at a few hospitals. I met such great and amazing people in healthcare, and funny enough, so many of my photography clients are people I knew from that. I was lucky enough to shoot Ashley and Chris’s beautiful wedding in 2014 – and after meeting them I had secretly wished to be adopted by their amazing family. (Nothing against my own – they were just that much fun, I wanted to be added in there too!) So… when Ashley’s cousin Kevin contacted me about shooting his wedding, I was SUPER excited to get to see their INCREDIBLE family again. They all truly make you feel like part of the family. When I met with Kevin, his beautiful bride to be Kaitlyn, and their adorable son Easton – I could not wait to get to their big day.

Kaitlyn and Kevin had a large bridal party, and I’ve worked with quite a few bridal parties in my day. I can confidently say that they were some of the most polite, kind, respectful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They were ON TIME all day!!!  That is almost unheard of in the wedding world, and I always roll with whatever happens, but it’s just says something extra when a big group comes together like they did.

We had pretty much every kind of  Michigan weather on the big wedding day. Cloudy, sunny, downpours of rain, warmer, cooler – you name it. The think I loved best was that everyone just happily said, the day will be great no matter what. And it truly was. We got ready at Kaitlyn’s house, and just as we were about to leave for Greenmeade Historical Park, it started to pour. We just grabbed umbrella’s and Kaitlyn’s smile never ever went away. The groomsmen, were patiently waiting the rain out under an awning, and we did their photos despite the weather. We found a gorgeous evergreen tree that shielded the rain for their first look – and I think the rain adds just and extra element of awesome in the photos.

Lucky for us the rain stopped right as we were about to do bridal party photos, and just before the ceremony was to start the sky opened into beautiful sun – welcoming all of the guests with beautiful weather. The day was amazing, and the entire bridal party and guest list couldn’t have been nicer. I even got to catch up with Ashley and Chris during dinner, which made my heart so happy. I’m still hoping to be an honorary member of the family some day, hopefully I can work that out!  🙂 Thank you again so much everyone, what an amazing day it was!  xoxo Marlaina

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