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So..... you're thinking about booking a photographer.

Well, I'm here to help. I know what it is like sifting through tons of websites, seeing all of the pretty images, and thinking what do I want, and how much is it all going to cost?

Hopefully my site will help answer some of those questions, but please feel free to contact me, as I'm happy to help at anytime.


I think my photography style is bright, colorful, timeless and fun. I want to capture the JOY ( either in your special event, or in the everyday magic of being a family ) Joy actually is my middle name ( thanks mom ) but I think it describes my personality and my photography style well.


When I photograph you, I (of course) get those classic posed, smiling at the camera shots, but I also strive to get the less posed moments that show real interaction and love. The love between newly engaged couples, who become newly married couples. The bride and groom interacting with parents, grandparents, and guests. Then that couple whose love multiplies infinitely through the eyes of their newborn children. I LOVE that I get to see the love they share as their families grow.


I hope that by the end of our session, I feel more like a friend - and that the experience of having your photos taken is as good as my photographs. I myself know how nerve wracking it can be to be in front of the camera - so please know, I help with posing, clothing, and everything you need to get absolutely gorgeous photographs.


I'm also a mama to two amazing kids, and a wife of 14 years now. I shoot with professional Canon gear and feel very lucky to have met my amazing husband who loves buying new camera gear almost as much as I do!! I've officially been a small business owner since September of 2008 - although I was in love with photography since I was a kid. Before I became a mama, I also worked in cardiology - so some of you may know me from my days in scrubs too! I survive and thrive on good music, chocolate, and the giggles of my kiddos!


If you want to see more of my crazy little life, follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Or, just give me a call... I'm a little old fashioned, and I love to connect over the phone or over a cup of something yummy!





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