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Mackinac Island – Mission Point Resort – Chris & Mark’s Wedding

I’m thrilled to be sharing this beautiful wedding. The sweet couple wanted to give some of the photos away for Christmas, so I wanted to wait, and not ruin any surprises!

Chris and Mark had the most gorgeous wedding on Mackinac Island this past August. They were married on the lush lawn overlooking Lake Huron at Mission Point Resort.  We went on a carriage tour of the island to take photos after the ceremony, and then they had the most beautiful reception in the Cypress Room (also at Mission Point).  The terrace also overlooked Lake Huron, and as their guests feasted on an amazing meal, and danced the night away – they had one of the most picturesque views in Michigan. I definitely couldn’t have asked for any better weather.  It was a wedding photographer’s dream.  Not too hot or cold, with gorgeous light, breathtaking skies all day. {That is a bit of a tall order for Michigan in August, but seriously the day was magic.}  Chris and Mark’s color palette was blue and silver, and the sky and water got the memo that day! A silhouette portrait of two handsome grooms, in front of the Mackinac Bridge, with the bluest sky I have ever seen? Yes Please!

Other than the beautiful weather, setting, and couple – the thing that stood out the most to me was the love and pure joy between Chris and Mark. While each wedding I shoot is very special to me, but this wedding was my first same sex wedding. Chis said it all throughout the day, “We’re getting Married!!” Just a few years ago, having this wedding and being legally married was just a dream, and now it was finally coming true for these two incredible men. You can see in the photos just how much fun and laughter these two shared that day, and all of the guests did too. Even the posed family photos were filled with love and laughs. I have to say a huge Thank You! to Chris and Mark for letting me be a part of it with them, and throw a big shout out to my assistant extraordinaire, Bridget, who traveled all the way with me, and helped schlep my gear on and off carriages all around the island. She is the absolute best!

I have just a few of their gorgeous photos posted here, and click through the gallery below to see even more! And if you know of anyone needing a wedding photographer, please send them my way!  


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